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Halcyon is a convertible, multi-purpose environment. We are designed to be a beautiful salon for hair and make-up, but also house our very own custom-built photographic studio and seminar space.

Our creative space, our hair and make-up salon, professional photographic studio, and seminar/education space are all available for separate and personalised hire.


Yes. You can book out our salon!


Hire of this space is perfect for those wanting to enjoy the benefits of a fully equipped salon environment, without having access to one themselves. This package is ideal for creating an educational hairdressing environment, and for practicing professionals keen to learn how to run their own space. Product use is limited.

Prices on appointment, please contact us for more details.


A haven for corporate, fashion, hair, make-up, and all manner of creative photographers.

Hire of this space provides full access to our very own custom-built professional photographic studio, which you are more than welcome to use to capture your perfect image! Black and white backdrops + stands are available on site. At this stage, the client must supply their own lighting equipment if necessary.

Prices on appointment, please contact us for more details.


Do you need the perfect space to present an educational seminar to multiple people at once? We have the option for you.

Hire of this space allows us to convert our studio space into a small lecture theatre, which in turn, enables you the room to move and educate all of your listening ears. We provide the seats and the necessary equipment, such as projectors and computer connections etc.

Prices on appointment, please contact us for more details.

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