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X - F A C T O R

We don't just specialise in hairdressing and make-up artistry at Halcyon. There are many other tools in our belt - abilities, talents, passion and connections that we are proud to present as being part of us. Part of our experience.

This is our X-Factor


At Halcyon, we love to involve ourselves in the workings of the local Invercargill Musical Theatre. Our first venture included the styling of all the hair and wigs for the 2015 production of Phantom of the Opera, which we used alongside our expertise in make-up artistry to complete countless character looks.

Based on these efforts, our team was invited back for Mary Poppins in 2016 to assist in making the show the success it was, one hairpiece and brush-stroke at a time.  2019 Wicked, 2021 Les Miserables, and 2022 We Will Rock You.  Once again the team was on top, making us one of four Finalists in the 2019 & 2021 Osta Awards for the Hair and Makeup department. Both  years running the Invercargill show Wicked and Les Miserables took out the top theatre awards.  

We always look forward to more creative opportunities that the theatrical community offers, and as such, are always prepared for a challenge.


We hope to continue this involvement for many years to come!

Photos from the Invercargill Musical Theatre


Beyond the bounds of make-up artistry, we also love to experiment with head-to-toe body art looks that transform and stun our audiences. Kerry can willingly spend up to hours at a time handcrafting her genius onto another's form, ensuring that every minute detail is perfected to result in an incredibly convincing, living and breathing work of art.

Combine that with creative hairstyling and professional make-up application techniques, and

the end product is destined to turn heads.


At Halcyon, we offer photographic space for photo shoots ranging from corporate portraiture to high profile fashion shoots - all of which can be bundled in with our own hair and make-up artistry in the very same creative space. Image is a huge part of our business, and as such, we present you with the opportunity to take control of your image which you can then use across the board for business branding, profiling, imagery, advertising material, websites, business cards, and anything else you could possibly dream of.

We even have access to a variety of trained, educated and experienced photographers for you to use at your disposal! Prices are available upon enquiry.


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