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M A K E - U P  A R T I S T R Y

From basic and everyday make-up techniques, to extravagant evening, theatrical and even bridal applications - make-up artistry at Halcyon is varied, creative, and always an option for any occasion.

It is also now available for you to learn!

Halcyon Co-Director and award winning make-up artist Kerry Penisula-Spain is ready to share her tricks of the trade with anyone who shares her passion for the art of make-up. All levels are welcome.

Programmes are set up for beginners, but can be catered to suit the more experienced who are looking to hone their talents and pick up new skills.

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Confused with your make-up kit and don't know what to use, or how to use it? Need to update your make-up look? Indulge yourself, and find out what style suits you. Learn to do it yourself, with this step by step make-up application workshop or one on one sessions.

For more information, contact Kerry

using the details below.

This is a two-day workshop on the art of make-up application, covering corrective, bridal, editorial, evening, theatrical and 'outside-the-square' make-up application techniques. Learn everything you need to know to become your own make-up artist.


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M A K I N G  I T  H A P P E N

I will definitely be using all these new tips and getting more out of my comfort zone.

I feel that what I know and can do has been reinforced.

The classes were easy for me to understand and follow. I'm excited to do more!


Kerry Penisula-Spain  |  217 2177 or 027 537 2217

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