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H A L C Y O N  W I N G S

With multiple years of industry training and tutoring experience, and an array of prestigious titles, Halcyon Co-Director Kyla Allan and the team now offers their hairdressing skills to those in need, on top of regular in-salon services.

Having noticed gaps in the industry, and having seen apprentices fall through these gaps, Kyla's goal is to help empower hairdressers of all skill levels to take control of their learning by offering them options in addition to, or in place of, regular in-salon training.

These customised classes are not just intended for hairdressing trainees, but are also for industry professionals who are looking to challenge and improve their current skillsets. Returning hairdressers who want to re-build their clientele and confidence are also welcome.



Want to take control of your hairdressing career? Learn faster and start earning sooner with time-tailored training, designed to help qualify salon apprentices and improve overall hairdressing skill and confidence. If you are looking to start, challenge, or get back into your hairdressing career, this course is for you!


The perfect option for convenient colour education. Kyla comes to you, in your salon! This completely removes the need to transport your colour kits and equipment. Time and effort saved!

Dates: Mondays

Times: Book to confirm

W I N G S  I N  A C T I O N

Equal time was made for everyone, and we all got out of it what we needed to.

Halcyon Wings classes are amazing! Love the one-on-one tuition. A great investment.

Kyla is an amazing hair stylist and colourist, with an infectious passion for all that she does!


prices on appointment

Kyla Allan  |  217 2177

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